AG appointed to Lancaster regeneration plan

Preston-based AG Project + Building Consultancy has been appointed to oversee what has been described as Lancaster City Council’s largest housing and capital project.

The work begins with the redevelopment of the 1960s-era Mainway estate near the River Lune. Existing homes will be refurbished and new homes will be built that are energy efficient and use greener building materials and meet stringent ‘Passivhaus’ standards.

Regeneration of the Mainway Estate is expected to take five years to complete. Further phases of the programme are anticipated to follow in the coming years.

Tom Hargreaves, director at AG, said: "The scheme’s focus is to take existing housing stock and refurbish it while creating new high-quality housing that will vastly improve the quality of life for many of Mainway’s residents.

"This regeneration project is underpinned by creating lasting sustainability while breathing new life into the area - not just by creating high-quality homes but also by revitalising the area, which will be the catalyst to develop a strong sense of place."