After the marketing campaign

Marketing is key to retaining existing clients and is the driving force behind winning new business. After all, it is the shop window to your organisation. 

With so many marketing tools at our disposal from digital to the physical world, translating a killer idea into a successful campaign and presenting it to potential clients has never been as easy to achieve, even on a modest budget.

So, if we know our customers’ needs and can inform them on how we can solve their problems and they ask us to get on with it and award us a contract, why are some businesses more successful than others? 

You have to deliver on what you promise. It’s that simple, so why doesn’t everyone? 

There are many reasons but one which we see too often is bandwidth. Simply having the capacity to handle the extra often unexpected volumes which are the by-product of a successful marketing campaign. 

A mistake which is often made when trying to handle increased workload is that the wrong people end up doing the wrong jobs, we have all heard it before, let’s all pitch in, and all hands-on deck. 

With increased workload, the wrong people end up doing the wrong jobs

As admirable as these acts of comradeship are, it often leaves key members of the team frustrated by doing admin or other generic roles instead of the specialist task they were hired to do. 

Outsourcing these tasks to virtual assistants or using software or telecoms solutions are a great cost-effective way of managing changes in workload, allowing key people to do what they should be doing whilst still delivering the service level your clients expect.

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