Advice: Top tips for dealing with Turkey

David Wright of Enterprise Europe Network gives his five top tips for trading with Turkey.

David WrightGreetings A firm handshake is acceptable on first meeting either a businessman or woman. However, in the more conservative rural or Eastern areas, it is worth waiting for the woman to extend her hand if you are unsure.

Conversation. Building up a relationship is important, so begin by asking about family, sport - football is popular - or Turkish culture. Try to avoid political history.

Food for thought. Going Dutch is unheard of in Turkey; the host always pays, so accept graciously and make sure you return the compliment.

Deadlines. Be patient. Using deadlines and pressure tactics is not the way forward when doing business in Turkey. Decisions can take time and you may have to work your way up to the head of the business/family by building trust first.

Getting there. There are 14 flights each week from Manchester to Istanbul. Flight-time is around four hours. David Wright Enterprise Europe Network