Advice: Make the most of the awards season

Amanda Jackson, managing director of Tigerfish PR, explains why businesses should make the most of awards season, and the four best ways to do it.

It’s that time of year again…  No, not just the run up to Christmas, but the height of the awards season.

Time to review the great work you've done, enter some awards - maybe sponsor some - and buy a new outfit in readiness for the awards dinner.

Awards are great for your reputation. To be judged by your peers, to receive industry acclaim.

It’s a very powerful way of stamping authority and recognition on the work you do. It’s also a big feather in your cap to be seen to be sponsoring awards. That’s real opinion leader stuff.

So how can you make the most of either your spend on sponsoring an award, or being shortlisted for one? (And that’s not to mention actually winning an award!)
  1. Let your customers and potential customers know - use emails, newsletters, handouts etc
  2. If you are sponsoring an award, prepare a 15-word summary of what your company does, and encourage that to be used, along with your logo, in any publicity that the awards body does.
  3. Use social media to make sure your messages reach a wider audience
  4. Include information about the awards on your website - and encourage others to link to it.
Which just leaves the ‘Oscar’s style’ acceptance speech. No tears this time please. Amanda Jackson Managing director Tigerfish PR