Advice: Increase engagement and motivation

Tom Cobden, director of sales at Preston Marriott, discusses how gym memberships can benefit your workforce.

Tom Cobden MarriottOver the last few years Marriott Leisure Clubs throughout the country have seen a big increase in companies providing their employees with corporate leisure memberships and at Preston Marriott it's no different.

Corporate gym membership has become increasingly popular, whether voluntary or as a flexible benefit, with over a quarter of businesses offering this to their employees.

As employers negotiate deals or discounts with gyms and health clubs, they are able to provide staff access to gym facilities at a reduced cost or, in some cases, at no cost at all as the employer can determine that the employee is required to pay.

Offering such a luxury at affordable prices does encourage people to take time to unwind and also promotes staff fitness and wellbeing, which is known to increase engagement and motivation.

There are many ways in which to introduce such a programme into the workplace. Discounted employee membership can be paid up front by the employer and reclaimed via salary sacrifice arrangement. If an employer chooses to cover the cost of the benefit entirely, then the VAT incurred can be reclaimed.

It is important for an employer to offer gym membership in a way that suits the needs of its workforce so it can be an effective addition to its health and wellbeing package. So what next?

At Preston Marriott Leisure Club a corporate account can be set up with as few as five members. Not only benefiting from reduced rates, the club also supports in health awareness days, team building activities and bespoke fitness plans.

Other discounts are available throughout the hotel as part of being a member - the whole experience of wellbeing doesn't only have to be on a treadmill!

Remember, a healthy lifestyle for employee's increases productivity, boosts motivation, helps reduce sickness in the workplace and maintains employee loyalty.

Seize the moment. It's never too late to encourage a healthy workforce. Tom Cobden Director of sales Preston Marriott