Advice: Backup top tips

Provided by StoneHouse Logic.

However well cared for and managed its IT infrastructure is, any business would be foolish to not ensure their back-up is in full working order, safe from damage/theft, sensibly scheduled and regularly tested.

Here’s why:
  1. Protection from hardware failure – Drivers fail on IT systems, with very little/no warning and all your data could be lost.
  2. Virus protection – Back-ups can be just antidote to an attack that destroys your valuable data.
  3. Burglar Bill – He can strike at any time, but if you’ve removed your back-up from the office, you’ll be able to hit the ground running again.
  4. Accidental deletion – You can back track through your files and folders if there’s a major slip up and a crucial item goes walkabout.
  5. Acts of god (or arsonists) – Floods and fires can happen anywhere, and you need to know you can still operate a business if you’re hit by a crisis.