ADI to install Europe's largest LED ceiling at Printworks

Preston-based ADI has been commissioned to deliver an LED ceiling at Printworks in Manchester which will become the largest installation of its kind in Europe.

The multi-million-pound project will see ADI install, create content for and operate a giant multimedia creative platform that spans the entire ceiling inside of Printworks.

The ceiling screen will cover more than 900 sq m, and will be complemented by a 90 sq m interactive screen in the Pumpyard area, 112 sq m and 50 sq m screens outside the centre and multiple ribbon screens totalling 277 m² along the roofline of the exterior of the venue.

The screens will be enhanced by various sensors and cameras throughout the venue to allow for interactive programming and gaming. ADI will work alongside Flipbook Studio to produce ongoing and bespoke creative content.

The installation will include ADI’s proprietary MT LED technology, a lightweight and slimline product designed specifically for architectural and façade usage.

Drew Burrow of ADI said: "This ambitious digital venue transformation has three main elements to consider -  displays, content and control - and each presents its own challenges. The value that ADI add is our ability to help the customer consider all of these elements in the round; initially in a consultancy capacity, then to deliver the solutions, and finally to create and manage creative content.

"We’re looking forward to working with DTZ Investors and John Turner Construction to reimagine the concept of an entertainment venue and provide a destination experience beyond what anyone has seen, certainly in the UK.”