Adele runs for her mum

With the likelihood of one in two people developing cancer in their lifetime it’s no wonder that cancer touches us all in one way or another, and sadly it touches some more than others.

Adele Ireland, knows this only too well, after her mum beat breast cancer once, only to have it return, “My Mum is currently fighting breast cancer for the second time; it seems especially cruel having, beaten it once, that she has to do it again and it’s really hard to see her poorly and feel like there’s nothing I can do”.

Adele has been supported by her colleagues at Blackburn Audi, who were all urging her on when she decided to do something positive, “I decided there was something I could do and that was run the Cancer Research Race for Life in Witton Park, Blackburn. It was something for my Mum and I to focus on and celebrate, while Mum’s waiting to hear if she needs chemotherapy this time around”.

“Our fingers, toes and everything are crossed, that she won’t have to go through it, but more than anything I hope that by fund-raising for Cancer Research, I can help make sure fewer Mum’s and daughters have to go through this in the future”, added Adele.

Adele, who lives in Accrington, works for family-owned Swansway Motor Group and they supported her efforts, as director David Smyth explained, “We encourage everyone in our businesses to take part in fund-raising activities and we make a donation to everyone who does and we’re rooting for Adele and her Mum”.

If you'd like to support Adele in her fund-raising you can do so here.