Acquiring a children’s home – a buyer’s questions answered

As expert brokers in the childcare sector, Redwoods Dowling Kerr have advised the sales of various childcare settings. In 2021, RDK have already completed an incredible 46 business transactions, with several more deals due to complete shortly.

There is currently a strong demand for children’s homes within the sector. Recently RDK successfully launched a children’s home project for sale, which generated an impressive ten interested parties in the business.

As the surge of interest in children’s homes continues, we have expert advice for buyers interested in the sector.

What is a children’s home?

A children’s home provides safe accommodation for young people, typically aged 11 to 18 years. In this home, young people live together with qualified staff offering care. A young person will reside in a children’s home rather than live with their families for various reasons, such as illness within one or both parties and neglect from a family. Although they are separated, residents in a children’s home are encouraged to stay in regular contact with family and friends where possible, and visiting is often welcomed. Furthermore, a young person will still attend their school unless the home offers education services.

What kind of service do they provide?

A setting offers care services for young people with mental difficulties, such as emotional, attachment or behavioural difficulties. They offer a positive and caring environment for young people and focus on improving a young person’s independent skills and self-esteem. In many homes, a child is assigned to a member of staff who works closely with them to ensure that they are receiving the best possible care and attention. Additionally, young people are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and social activities to assist in overcoming any difficulties they may have.

Running a children’s home

If a person wishes to run a children’s home, they must register with the UK Government under the Care Standards Act 2000, with it being an offence to run a home without the correct registrations. After satisfying legal requirements, you will need to appoint a manager of the home and devise a philosophy to outline your aims. Upon completing the liaison with the UK Government, you may start putting your passion into the children’s home and outline a detailed plan of the home, such as meal times and communal activities, while ensuring that all rooms are suitable.

Redwood Dowling Kerr’s expert negotiators have a wealth of experience within the sector and can advise you on any possible sales – whether you’re looking to buy or sell. For more information on this opportunity, email Director of Childcare & Education, Jenna Caldwell at or phone 01772 775 763.