A visit to our Coventry depot – A central spot in the Fagan & Whalley operation

Incorporated into the Fagan & Whalley infrastructure in 2012, the site at Coventry was acquired after a period of rapid expansion and development within the business, and now provides a central location within the UK for F&W operations.

Spanning 4 acres, the Coventry site is ideally located for a transport operation, initially serving as a coach depot for holiday travel company, Shearings. But that’s not to say a lot of hard work hasn’t gone into adapting the facilities to our own requirements!

“There’s actually been quite a lot of work put into developing the Coventry site over the years,” explains F&W Head of Operations, Daniel Wood. “Whilst there was obviously ample space for our vehicles on site, we identified a number of areas where the space could be put to better use. For example, when we first acquired the depot, there were eighty female toilets on site, but only a relatively small team of staff operating there, so plans were drawn up to maximise the potential of the space, and it’s now a lot more functional and practical. 

“After investing heavily in the development of the site, it now serves as a main hub for one of our valued clients – logistics suppliers, CHEP – providing a vital base in their automotive trade around the Midlands.” 

With a loading canopy also part of the development plans (and now built), our Coventry depot provides a three-bay workshop, a small warehouse, and the facilities for a small team of administrative staff, whilst externally there is plenty of space to accommodate vehicles for CHEP’s transport needs, and to facilitate inter-depot trunking. 

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