A viewpoint

In his addresss to members, he said people would be surprised that unemployment in Burnley had fallen recently.

He went on: “The private sector part of the Pennine Lancashire economy is holding up better than can be, or perhaps, should be, expected in these straitened times. There is further evidence of the confidence of many of our businesses in their contribution to broader society through the local vision boards and partnerships.

“Pendle Vision Board, chaired by Dennis Mendoros, has long been strong with over 20 participating business leaders. The last meeting of the Burnley Bondholders had 70 companies attending, and that was just shortly after the visit by Prince Charles that had similar numbers.
“Blackburn has a new ‘Prosperity Group’ with 20 major businesses acting as a steering group and there’s further evidence in the phenomena that is the Youth Zone, which is led by Graham & Brown, alongside some outstanding local businessmen and woman who have a commitment to the wellbeing of the youth of the area.

“The Chamber has facilitated a Rossendale Business Leaders’ Group which is proving effective and which has a very clear view of the priorities for the Borough.

“As the UK has woken up to the importance of the wealth creating sector and business is becoming more confident in its leadership role, it really is important that it is articulate in what it needs to grow and create jobs. Now is the time to both influence the world in which we operate and take responsibility.”