A promotional business gift idea works for Lancashire solicitors

828 Law is a family and property practice based in Longridge near Preston. Principal solicitor Angela Bartley wanted a promotional giveaway for networking, exhibitions, meetings, visiting clients, and to leave a lasting reminder of her services. Angela was seeking a promotional product that was distinctive from the usual pens and mugs found at many exhibitions.

Angela came up with an imaginative slogan and BusinessGiftUK of Leyland came up an ideal product. Her great idea was to have our nail file printed with the memorable tag line “Filing for divorce?”. An amusing, light-hearted way to get a potential client’s attention and leaving a useful and lasting reminder.

Angela recalls how she came up with the idea: “I have a nail file in my handbag and it is something I have regular and easy access too. I have one in my car, and in most handbags. I received one at an expo which had the company marketing on it. Whilst I was at the office, having caught my nail, I used the nail file and at the same time I was discussing a divorce matter which was at the stage of sending the divorce petition to the Court. When you send the petition to the Court, you ‘file’ it, hence ‘filing for divorce’.”

The nail files are great for retaining in a handbag, on the desk or in the car for a quick smoothing of your nails. Available in pink or white with a 155 x 21mm print area, allowing room for a logo, contact details and the slogan.

Customer Comments

Angela kindly answered some questions about how the campaign came about and her wider usage of printed promotional gifts.

Why did you first decide you wanted to create your own promotional gifts?

We felt it would be nice for each client to receive a little gift from us, something useful but also something which acted as a gentle reminder of us. These are great to use in reception as free gifts for visiting clients, for expos, and for sending to clients at the end of their matter.

What is your objective when using business gifts? 

To obtain high quality products to compliment my business.

What attracted you to BusinessGiftUK? 

High quality products whilst still having great service. Responsive staff who are friendly and knowledgeable.

How successful have Promotional products been for you?

They have been warmly welcomed and enjoyed by all. We have a range of products which have been successful, all supplied by BusinessGiftUK.com

Have you used different types of promotional products for specific campaigns or target audiences?

Yes. We have some products aimed at females such as the nail files. We have glasses cleaners (providing legal clarity), keyrings and post-it type note pads. We attend a family show locally and found that the Frisbees were welcomed by children and dog owners alike.

How do you see yourselves expanding further in the future?

We are approaching our 8th birthday as a company and are pleased to be growing at a steady pace, despite the uncertainty during the recent pandemic. We will continue to grow and have plans for the future to maintain the level of service we provide, the accessibility for clients with the 8am to 8pm hours, and to develop our services to provide more varied advice in the future.

What is your brief opinion or impression of BusinessGiftUK overall?   

Great company, high quality products, lovely people, great service.

The team at BusinessGiftUK would like to thank Angela for being a great customer and for her kind comments. She has also kindly recommended the company to other business contacts.

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