A proactive approach to insurance

It’s not unusual for a business to learn that they’re not as well covered by their insurance as they believed only once an incident has occurred and it’s time to make a claim.

Taking a more proactive approach to insuring your organisation will not only avoid this potentially catastrophic situation, but with enough preparation you can also negotiate and secure better value premiums.

We have launched a new risk resilience assessment which scores your organisation on ten key factors, ranging from the wording in your existing policies (are you really covered as well as you think you are?) to physical improvements you could make to your property.

Your assessment will be tailored to your organisation, so we will take into factors such as the crime levels in your area and the type of activity you conduct to make suggestions which will lower your specific levels of risk.

Industry statistics show that 60 per cent of businesses are under-insured. Our own findings have shown that closer to 90 per cent either aren’t fully covered, or could access better premiums through making affordable improvements.

Tap into our specialised advice and you will not only reduce the chances of finding you’re under-insured when it’s too late, but you will become more attractive to insurers.

With enough preparation you can also negotiate and secure better value premiums.

That means more insurers will open their doors to you, and you’ll benefit from more favourable rates.

You’ll see benefits on your bottom line, and you’ll get peace of mind from the knowledge that you’re fully covered should the worst happen.