A new year, a new career

Ten hot tips to accelerate your career

Tip 1 – Cultivate
Most really good career moves are made through people that you know or whom you impress. Think who you might have impressed and stay in touch with them.

Tip 2 – Help
Helping others is a sure way to get them to help you. Volunteer to help, whether in a voluntary organization, charity, political group or movement

Tip 3 – Broadcast
If you are visible you become valuable. Ensure this by writing to newspapers, getting on the radio, writing articles and blogging.

Tip 4 – Become an internet champion
Join in on social media sites, especially the business oriented ones such as ecademy and Linkedin. Become a presence. Always help, never criticise.

Tip 5 – Avoid CV/resume phobia
Your CV/resume is a living document. Update it constantly before you forget a skill or achievement.

Tip 6 – Keep a diary
There will be many things in your career that you are proud of but have forgotten. Keep a daily diary that you can refer back to – it might be vital.

Tip 7 – Manage your time
Career management takes time and patience. Set yourself a daily schedule of actions that will grow into an avalanche of opportunity. These might include blogs, articles, research, questions, and social media. Avoid being a “busy fool” who skips aimlessly from one subject to another, especially on the internet.

Tip 8 – Discovery
There is absolutely no need to travel great distances for work. Few people have any idea of the number of business opportunities on their doorstep as the brain can only store perceptions. Get the facts from the web, libraries, Chambers of Commerce. Keep a list of all local employers. Make and maintain contact with them.

Tip 9 – Business cards
A career move is a business move that enhances your personal life, not a personal move that affects your business life. Have cards made, they are cheap enough; lodge them with all your contacts. Collect as many as you can and regularly update them on your database. You will be surprised just how soon they become outdated

Tip 10 – Network, network, network
More than ever before, networking has become the way to access opportunity. Join networks – online and offline. Start your own network; become the “hub” of local business help. Network at social events, sporting events, business events and ask for introductions at all of them.

Remember, if you don’t ask you won’t get, it’s your chance to get known for your abilities.

Edward Nash