A new momentum is gathering pace

In March 2020 we were preparing for lockdown 1. We thought it would be over by Easter … Summer … Autumn … Christmas.

It’s now 2021. We’re in lockdown 3. On the surface, it’s like Groundhog Day. But delve a little deeper and there’s a different feel to this lockdown.

There’s genuine hope that, thanks to the amazing work of scientists, a vaccine may ensure this is our final lockdown. A momentum is building.

Here at Themis at Burnley College, we’ve noticed employers are gearing up their recovery plans. They’re taking action to not only safeguard and adapt their business but come through lockdown 3 in top gear.

As one of the North West’s leading apprenticeship training providers, we’ve been in constant communication with employers since Day 1 of Covid-19, to meet their needs.

Now conversations are turning to recruitment and recognition that apprentices can inject the energy, skills and industry knowledge needed for the post-Covid-19 era.

Our business training arm is busier than ever

And, we’re seeing more and more high-calibre young people stepping forward to be those apprentices who will lead the way.

School leavers certainly still recognise the value of an apprenticeship.

North West Business Training – our business training arm – is busier than ever, too, supporting employers keen to take their workforce training to the next level. Our trainers have listened to what employers need; they’ve developed bespoke training programmes and right now we’re delivering them.

Forward-thinking employers aren’t waiting for ‘all this to be over’. They’re seizing the opportunity to forge ahead.

Our advisory panels have run throughout the last year – in fact we’ve expanded and developed them in line with industry needs. Only the other week we launched our digital skills panel – sharing our nationally-recognised expertise in this area with employers and finding out exactly how we can support them going forward.

We were listening prior to Covid-19. We’ve been listening from day one of the pandemic. We’re listening now. We’ll be listening tomorrow and in the future post-Covid-19.

Don’t make today another Groundhog Day. Talk to us and make it the day you start to consign Covid-19 to the history books.

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