A day in the life of a sales manager at Media Village- Anthony Camm

What are your key objectives as a sales manager at Media Village?

Generate income, increase quality sales and find partners that want us to help grow their business!

What does a typical day as an sales manager at a marketing agency look like?

It’s just stress from 8 till 6. No – no two days are alike. Mostly talking to clients about their business and where they are going with it. Helping them achieve their goals through various marketing packages. 

What are the benefits of a marketing customer having a dedicated account manager like yourself?

Understanding the business – you don’t want to be repeating the brief every time so having a dedicated Account Manager to truly understand the customer means the right tool is recommended for the right job. 

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?

They are all exciting! GBA website and video is up there with the virtual tour for Darwen Academy!

What were the marketing results from this project?

Let’s take DACA as it’s live – enabled a college to go virtual and got people through the door. 

How can your role help businesses achieve their marketing goals?

Consistent marketing plans = consistent marketing products. If people want to reach a certain market/industry or people we can help! 

How do you offer valuable service and add that personal touch?

I’m myself! I don’t commit to something I wouldn’t do – it’s that honesty that sets me apart from competitors. A lot of customers want to be told they are right but the right thing is often not the thing they want to hear. I LOVE working with likeminded people who want the best for their business. 

Tell us one thing you like the most about your role as sales manager?

Working with a good team of people on a variety of creative problems. 

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