8 New Year’s resolutions not to miss

Often, the start of a new year it is a good time to reflect on personal progress and gathering thoughts on how you want you to develop personally and professionally.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions offering you a guide to help strike a better work-life balance and increase personal success in 2017.

1. Look for the next step

You should be excelling in your job. But understanding the next step is critical to remaining engaged in your current position. Plan your career; discuss it with your line manager and get some clarity on how you’re going to achieve it.

2. Weekly planning

Planning lets you take a look at what has and what hasn’t worked, it helps you set new directions or adjust old goals. This should be done all the time, not just monthly.

Put some time aside each week to review, adjust, and look forward. Make it part of your every day activity. This will help achieve goals and avoid costly mistakes. In return, you’ll feel more focused and stay on track.

3. Stretch yourself

Think how you can go above and beyond. Are there projects or initiatives that you could help with in the business? Be proactive and join in. If you’ve got an idea – share it and work with your manager to implement it.

Take the initiative – it won’t go unnoticed.

4. Learn something new

By learning something new you will add to your key skills and gain a new dimension of interest to your life. This is an important part of achieving a healthy work-life balance and increase success.

Depending on how you choose to learn, you may meet new and interesting people, who may become clients, colleagues, or friends.

5. Have integrity

Make sure you have high integrity in your job and be honest in what you do. Be accountable for your actions. If you say you’re going to do something, do it, and follow through. Being honest, ethical and reliable goes a long way with your manager.

6. Stay healthy

This is usually on most people’s New Year’s resolution list – don’t just say it – do it!

It’s an old cliché but a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Take a break, go for a walk at lunch, or join the gym. Exercising is good for the mind and gives you ideas. You will be more proactive at work, and you will feel better.

7. Network

Continue to grow your professional contacts and network. Make sure that you attend at least one professional networking event each month. Look up old colleagues who you have lost touch with and re-ignite the professional relationship.

You’ll find the friendships and relationships that you develop beneficial. It doesn’t count if you just ‘sign up’.

8. Talk less, listen more

We all spend time trying to solve problems and efforts, but it is important that you listen to what your colleagues, clients and customers are saying. They may need a sounding board not just your advice.

You don’t always need to take on their problems, just by listening you may empower them to solve their own. When someone feels completely heard, they are more likely to come to find their own resolve. If you apply these New Year’s resolutions throughout the year, you’ll not only feel better but have more energy and achieve the success you deserve!