5 ways to recruit the best senior people into a family business

It’s no secret that family businesses offer some of the most rewarding job opportunities; but for many, their biggest challenge is being able to find and retain people who are loyal and dedicated to the company vision.

Michelle MellorBy Michelle Mellor, operations director, Cummins Mellor Recruitment

Here’s 5 top tips when recruiting senior appointments for a family business.

1 Give Yourself Time And You Will Have More Time To Give

Be prepared to factor in months rather than weeks of work. The appointment process takes a great deal of invested time, patience and effort.

2  Assumptions Are The Termites of Relationships

Be clear to the existing team about the position you want to fill. Spending time identifying skills gaps may require honesty about where core strengths and weaknesses lie.

3 The Devil is in the Detail

Getting to know the individual and how they interact in the work environment is crucial.

4 The Joy of the Mind is a Measure of its Strength

Psychometrics and profiling are great tools and when used correctly, allow you to approach a weakness in a non-aggressive and objective way.

5 The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a First Step Give some real thought and preparation to the first few months. It’s essential that that you’re new recruit settles quickly once selected.