21st Century Santa visits Blackburn Audi

Blackburn Audi enjoyed a visit from a thoroughly modern Santa and his state-of-the-art grotto!

Now we all know Santa gets about in a sleigh and the toys are made by elves and that’s never going to change, but his Grotto, well that’s another matter.

When the great man came to Blackburn Audi his Grotto got a technological upgrade, only to be expected with the Audi Vorsprung Durch Technik ethos; so, Santa’s Winter Wonderland, became Santa’s Wonder-lab.

Santa was still at home in his Grotto full of gifts, but the delivery method was a little different to normal, as children got to pick the present of their choice before it was magically delivered to them down a chute!

Santa commented, “Like everyone I have to move with the times and it was extremely kind of Swansway to provide me with a state-of-the-art Grotto. There have been suggestions that I’ll be exchanging my sleight for an Audi RS6 Avant, but I can confirm that is not the case, nothing can replace my trusty sleigh”!