Wellbeing and Mental Health during Covid-19 and Beyond

Please join us for this Mental Health & Wellbeing webinar to try to understand our current behaviour patterns and how we can cope better. Learn how to listen to ourselves and take time out to reward ourselves. We are all coping with a huge amount of change in a very short time – take time to acknowledge this.

Topics covered will include:

1) What is mental health?
2) What defines a healthy workplace?
3) A short quiz on the impact of mental health issues in the workplace
4) Why invest in mental health?
5) Impact of Covid-19 on mental health - now and in the future
6) Effects of anxiety – physical, emotional and behavioral
7) Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace

Looking after you during this 90-minute webinar will be Karen Haworth, the Director/Trainer/Consultant at Nutshell Training

Karen is a trainer and consultant with a wide range of industry experience, particularly in the hospitality and education sectors, both as an employer and employee.

She feels strongly that training should be worthwhile and not just a tick-box exercise and, where necessary, recognises the importance of being flexible to organizations’ training constraints.

Her chief aim is to help create happier, healthier, safer and more productive workforces through the delivery of appropriate training. Recognising, appreciating and developing a business’ most valuable assets i.e. its employees, can help it to run more efficiently by reducing sickness leave, accidents and staff turnover. This in turn helps to create positive and motivated personnel and ultimately a more successful and compliant business.

If people are supported and encouraged to flourish, so too will the business.

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