Top 10 tips for virtual networking

Now that events have moved online it’s easier than ever to ‘go networking’, but how can you make sure you get the best return on your time?

About this Event

Top 10 Tips for Virtual Networking by Rachel Kay of lovelocalnetworking

It’s easier than ever to ‘go networking’ now from the comfort of your own kitchen or office – but are you sure you’re getting the best returns on those virtual events?

lovelocal's Rachel Kay will take you through her top ten tips which will help you learn how to spark interest in your business, how to build relationships quickly (both on and offline), why listening to others is so important - and how to keep those connections alive moving forwards.

Rachel Kay is the Director of lovelocalnetworking and has been running her own businesses and networking since 2006. Rachel enjoys teaching people the art of effective networking, having run hundreds of live and online networking, speaker, panel and expo events over the years.

This session forms part of a series of 8 free masterclasses being run by lovelocalnetworking and supported by Boost Lancashire and FSB Lancashire.

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