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Conducting Investigations...  Everything you need to know!

Many of the relationships between an employee and his/her employer are governed by policies and procedures. These can be disciplinary procedures, capability procedures or grievance procedures together with others.

Whatever procedure is appropriate to any given set of circumstances, it is important to remember that conducting a fair and reasonable investigation is often the starting point to the implementation of any policies.

Questions such as: Is suspension necessary? Who do I speak to? Can witness identities be confidential? How do I take preliminary steps to limit the risk of retaliation? How do I deal with conflicting evidence? are often asked during investigations and it can often become a very confusing process!

After looking through the feedback you have given us from previous HR Exchange events and listening to your concerns’ around investigations we will look at matters such as planning and managing the investigation, conducting the investigation, conducting interviews and the need to retain records in Septembers HR Exchange.

The consequences of not completing a thorough and fair investigation can be costly and time consuming.  We will therefore help to guide you through the various steps that are necessary in various circumstances in order that a structured approach can be implemented to make your investigations compliant.

Following the conclusion of this session, there will be our usual employment law update in order to report on some of the key pieces of legislation and case law which have impacted on the employment relationship recently. We do hope you are able to join us and we look forward to seeing you at the event. Numbers are limited so make sure you reserve a space by booking online.