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GDPR A Year On .. So Now What?

Presenter - Chris Hunter, HM Network

Including workshop on Data Privacy and Cyber Security - helping you differentiate from your competition.

Almost a year since GDPR was implemented but still so much confusion, and was it all just a lot of fuss over nothing?...

  • Was this just aimed at the 'Big Boys'?
  • Have there actually been any fines?
  • Janice from accounts has been to a 2 hour GDPR seminar, does that make us compliant?
  • Is it really worth training staff about data privacy and cyber security?
  • If we are a micro or SME surely we are not a target for the ICO or hackers?
  • Won't Brexit mean that GDPR won't apply in the UK?...

Our seminar is an interactive session to look at these questions and more touching on various aspects of Data Privacy and Cyber Security. It will demonstrate how changing your perception of the GDPR from being a hassle, to being an opportunity. It can not only put you in good stead with the Information Commissioners Office if you got investigated, it can differentiate you from your competition, upskill your people and help you win contracts and attract new clients.

The workshop will also practical guidance and examples of training options, give hints and tips around identifying and reducing risk, provide information on how to secure systems and devices and more...

Presenter - Chris Hunter - By day one of the Directors at HM Network, which also runs the GDPRexpress and DP Clinic.  By night and weekends can be found making people throw shapes performing alongside international superstars DJ's...


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