Getting your business in the best shape

In the first webinar of our three-part series jointly hosted with UHY Hacker Young, we will share some useful guidance and tips on how to get your business prepared for sale.

Nicola Whittle, Corporate Partner (Brabners) and Christine Hart, Employment Senior Associate (Brabners) will be discussing action you can take to get your business prepared for sale. Our specialist advisors will share some useful guidance and tips on how to get your business in its best shape and what needs to be followed in order to put its best foot forward, including reviewing your commercial contracts and carrying out an audit of your employment and HR practices to support the value of the business. By ensuring that your documents and practices are up to scratch before sharing this information, you could avoid the buyer using issues as a platform to re-negotiate the price, or worse, pulling out of the acquisition altogether.

Ryan Wear, Partner (UHY Hacker Young) will be highlighting the importance and relevance of management information. Strong management information can have a positive influence on the business transaction whilst weak management information can have the opposite effect. Ryan will consider the potential areas of opportunity and pitfalls to avoid when preparing management information for a successful business transaction.

Helen Cowley, Partner (UHY Hacker Young) will comment on the importance of getting the tax structure right at least two years in advance of an anticipated sale to ensure all available tax reliefs are maximised on a disposal. She will highlight the different tax treatments of a sale of trade and assets and a share sale, from both the vendor’s and the buyer’s perspective. Helen will also explore the importance of tax health checks on areas such as employment taxes, R&D claims and VAT to make sure your business is in a strong position and to minimise potential issues at due diligence stage.

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