Free Shareholder Agreement Webinar

Businesses can and do last a long time. Things will change however, in particular people as they move on for a wide range of reasons.

This means shareholder agreements are vital for business owners, directors and shareholders. Join us in our free shareholder agreements webinar to understand why.

With a volatile economy, facing serious effects of COVID-19, vital strategic and financial business decisions will be required. Management teams will be facing impact on both business and personal and emotional financial decisions.

Companies need stability at the very top. Whilst Shareholder and Director Agreements are not required by law, they form one of the most important documents in business for individuals.

If your management structure is based on friendship or trust, now is the time to get shareholder agreements in place. If you have shareholder agreements in place, now may be the time to review them.

In this free to attend webinar, NORI HR & Employment Law non-practising Solicitor Amrita Govindji-Bruce and Paul Schofiled Wealth Management’s Financial Advisor Andy Sutcliffe DipPFD will explain how Shareholder agreements are drafted, the personal protection they provide and how to review or create a new agreement. We will include:

  • Clarity of individuals intentions within the business and exit planning
  • Regulating the management of the company and boardroom decisions
  • Controlling the transfer of shares
  • Ability to offer varied dividends policies
  • Demonstrates business stability for banks or creditors
  • Effects of Financial Life Planning, Beneficiaries and Discretionary Trust

There will be a Questions & Answers section to enable you to ask the questions that mean the most to you.

Register for this Free Webinar now. On registration you will receive confirmation of your place and a separate email detailing the details to access the webinar on the day.

We will be using the Zoom video conferencing platform which will be free for you to use. Attendees do not have to have their camera on and be seen if they prefer not to. It is your choice. There is no cost to access the webinar using Zoom, which you can download from

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