Expanding into China

With the focus for business starting to shift to opening up and restarting, now is the perfect time for businesses to look into new channels of exporting or new markets. In this webinar we will consider how one of the fastest recovering and expanding consumer markets should be considered by UK businesses.

For businesses currently selling internationally, or considering doing so in the future, China poses an increasingly compelling growth opportunity. 

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Why China?

  • China has over 800 million internet users (compared with the US which has approx. 285 million).
  • The retail market of e-commerce in China is greater than that of the US and Europe added together and increased by 5% to 24.6% in the first half of 2020.
  • China has a growing middle class with increasing spending power and a demand for quality products. Foreign (and especially English) products are very popular with the Chinese, with UK brands no longer seen as ‘traditional’ and ‘upper class’ but ‘dynamic’, ‘innovative’, ‘reliable, and ‘trustworthy’.

These factors combined mean sales potential in the Chinese consumer market is limitless for UK businesses.

Why should I attend?

What may appear a daunting task, in terms of assessment of opportunity, has already been successfully navigated by UK exporters. The Azets team, together with fellow Allinial Global member firm in China, SBA Stone Forest, have already successfully assisted UK companies in taking steps to evaluation of the China e-commerce proposition. In this webinar, our speakers will share their insights and experiences of expanding into China.

Could now be the time for your business to consider sales into China through ecommerce, particularly given the current retail environment? E-commerce is a strategy which all retail businesses need to embrace, and China has enormous potential as a market.

Hosted by Azets, the webinar will cover how your business could have success with the fast-moving consumer market of China. It will feature guest speakers from 6e, Denby Pottery and SBA Stone Forest on the opportunities, latest developments and trends in "New Retail".

Format and timings

12:30pm Start

13:30pm Finish

(There will be a Q&A session)

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