Cyber Security / Phishing Workshop

As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are hosting a Cyber Awareness Workshop for business owners and managers to help you protect what matters to you the most.

Cyber threats are a major risk to all businesses. You must be aware of the latest threats and what you can do to improve your resilience. Keeping ahead of the curve is increasingly difficult when cyber crime is ever-evolving. This workshop is designed to raise your awareness in preventative methods to help protect against these threats.

About the training

This free workshop explores the types of threat that can infiltrate a business and cause you real problems in terms of data and financial loss. It will help you spot the fraudulent emails that deceive you into entering your bank details to siphon off your money! Giving you best practice advice on raising your defences so you're less likely of falling foul to cyber attack.

The workshop will cover:

  • Phishing techniques
  • Social engineering
  • Identifying cyber security gaps in your business
  • Best practice advice for protecting your data
  • Passwords and security
  • Making your people your strongest line of defence

How it’s delivered

This is a short slot early in the morning so will hardly make a dent on your working day.

Grab a bacon roll and a brew then sit down for the instructor-led tutorial. There'll be time for questions and optional networking afterwards until 10am.

Who it’s for

This course is designed for business owners and managers, and anyone who wants to be better armed against cyber crime and phishing attacks. Also anyone who wants to gain more knowledge of how to best protect confidential information, avoid being defrauded and consequently losing valuable time and information.

It is recommended that whoever attends this briefing takes the information back to share with their wider teams.