Cyber awareness with StoneHouse Logic

StoneHouse Logic would like to welcome you to our first ever ESET Encryption & Cyber Protection Workshop

Gain the skills you need to keep your business safe from internal, and external threats:

• MALWARE PROTECTION – ensure up to date antivirus is installed on all systems and that Windows or Mac OS security patches are updated regularly. Running out of date operating systems (such as Windows XP) and internet browsers is an easy way to invite problems

• NETWORK SECURITY – use an effective firewall to protect your network at the boundary and ensure your wireless network is secure

• SECURE CONFIGURATION – keep an inventory of your IT equipment and software and use policies to ensure users have effective and difficult to crack passwords

• MANAGE USER PRIVILEGES – keep access for staff and third-parties to the minimum. Over-privileging users is a common way for data to be compromised or stolen.

• HOME AND MOBILE WORKING – where possible, encrypt sensitive data on mobile devices and ensure online transmission of data is via secure methods only.

• REMOVABLE MEDIA – restrict use of media such as USB drives and memory cards and ensure any sensitive data that needs to be stored on these is encrypted.

• TRAIN YOUR STAFF – this is possibly the most important area. Ensure your staff are aware of the risks and their role in keeping the business secure.

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