ChamberLIVE : Secrets & Lies - There is no secret formula for success

Join us to discover the magic / secret / one step formula / five-day challenge for success that's so instant that when you watch my free webinar and then sign up for my no cost £997 1 day programme you'll succeed last year!!!

Sound familiar? How many times have you been pitched a five day challenge or a secret formula for success where you just can't fail?

In this webinar, Paul Limb will argue that there is no secret formula ....

However, in order to be a successful business owner (that's someone who has a commercial profitable business that works without them) there are some basic principles, building blocks, skills and knowledge you need to learn, and some mindset shifts you may need to make.

Whether you have been in business for one year or twenty years, this webinar will give you the simple building blocks for success in your business. None of it is rocket science. Some of it you will have seen before. However we guarantee you will all walk away with at least one action point ... or your money back ... guaranteed!

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