Chamber LIVE : Increasing the use of social media in your marketing communications strategy

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Along with other forms of marketing, social media can be used in a variety of ways to connect with your target audience.  This webinar will help you to assess who your target audience are and how they use social media. Once you understand your audience, you can then learn how to best approach them via online platforms.

Webinar overview :

a) Introduction to marketing communications

What is marketing communications? Why is it relevant to me and my organisation?

b) A marketing communications strategy

What does a marketing communications strategy look like? Why should I create one?

c) The target audience

Who are the target audience and customers?

d) Social media platforms

What are the different social media platforms? Who uses them? How are the target audiences reached in this way?

e) Metrics

How is the communication with the target audience tracked? Why is it useful to track this information?"