Beat Analysis Paralysis: Turn Your Digital Data into An Action Plan

If your performance data isn’t giving you actionable insights, it’s become a meaningless exercise. Are you collecting so much information you can’t tell what’s useful any more? 

In this session, we’ll help you create a marketing action plan that will carry you through 2019 and show you how to:

  • Recognise useful versus pointless KPIs
  • Let macro and micro KPIs build your strategy
  • Incorporate the right business data in your plan
  • Select and use analytics tools beyond GA
  • Curate actionable insights to inform your plan
  • Build a marketing action plan for your business

This workshop is suited to sales & marketing managers working in e-commerce and lead generation businesses. It’s intended to cut through the data mire, pinpoint the information that’s important, and put a plan together on how to use it for growth.

The venue is the historic Burnley Wharf, which has good rail and road links around the region. Our session format is informal, interactive and we encourage attendees to participate with their own challenges. Please use your company email to register. 

Refreshments will be served from 9:00am for a 9:15am start on Thursday 28 March. The interactive module concludes at 11:00am, with informal networking and Q&A afterwards.

About your hosts 

This Decoding Digital workshop is devised and presented by Sean Dwyer (Door4’s Operations Director) and Leon Calverley (Managing Director), both of whom are steeped in analytics experience.

What others say about Decoding Digital

“Well presented and informative. Used examples from work carried out by Door4 and others well to demonstrate points”

“Brilliant information delivered in an understandable way. The examples that you had to show us really made me think about my own website and how I can apply the knowledge you shared”

“Friendly, open and welcoming staff. Some great examples used in the actual presentation”

“Really nice atmosphere so was easy to ask questions. They were very knowledgeable and gave the right amount of info so we weren't overloaded but came away with a good understanding. 5*s all round”

“Useful, real world, practical tips and ideas shared”