Sales Club in Partnership with Sales Geek

Chamber Sales Professionals Club in partnership with Sales Geek is the new home for sales professionals. We aren’t about PowerPoints or lectures; we want to provide a home within Lancashire where sales professionals from all backgrounds, experience levels and industries can learn from each other and find their own route to sales success.

This is not your standard networking event, so while commercial relationships will naturally evolve, please don’t come armed to sell to the room. We want attendees to be able to create business allies, meet peers, learn from each other’s experiences and create long lasting relationships.

About the Hosts

We will have on hand two sales geeks, with over 35 years’ combined experience in sales strategy, direct sales, sales training, sales recruitment, B2B Sales, B2C Sales and business planning to assist you on your journey, as well as special guests on a regular basis.

Members £5 plus vat, non-members £10 plus vat. this event will run from 8.00am - 10.00am 

Book online or ring 01254 356439 or email