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Two pieces of information to completely change your retirement and inheritance tax planning strategy

When it comes to retirement and IHT planning, many people worry more about what their money will do during t...

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Brand new year, brand new website

It’s not easy to turn around a project like this under normal circumstances, but during a pandemic? We do li...

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Secure your financial future: Find the right financial protection for you

We insure our cars, our home, our mobile phones, our pets, but how many of us insure ourselves and our finan...

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Self-employed pension planning – How do pensions work when you work for yourself?

Being your own boss means you need to take responsibility for your own financial future

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Lasting Power of Attorney rejections

Minimise the risk of your Lasting Power of Attorney application being rejected by obtaining professional adv...

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Fraud and financial scams in the age of coronavirus

Fraud and financial scams are nothing new, although it does feel like they are on the rise. How to spot pens...

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Mother comes first - The importance of good legacy planning

Diane Bush of True Bearing Legal Services gives us some insight into why good legacy planning is essential.

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Good Financial Planning – A Case Study

Michael Hawthorne, Chartered Financial Planner at True Bearing, shares a client case study with us

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