NWEEG - How To Get The Board On Board

NWEEG is the only employee engagement group where people learn from real-life practical experiences. The Group delivers bi-monthly topical learning workshops all over Lancashire and the North West and grown into a 250 strong membership, employing over 250,000 staff in total.

This event will focus on how to get your company’s senior team to understand employee engagement clearly and will provide real evidence of the huge benefits in having a more engaged workforce. Employee engagement is essential to businesses these days to help differentiate your business and contribute to your long-term success. Many understand this, but find difficulty in getting across the urgency and significance for senior leaders and CEO's to take action.

Steve Smith - NWEEG Founder and Managing Director of survey firm, Scancapture will talk about the challenges of getting buy-in from the board when looking at taking on engagement exercises in your business and how best to overcome those challenges.

You'll hear from Helen Broughton from Red Rose Awards’ Employer of the Year 2015 Danbro Accounting, how she approaches employee engagement and why she understands that getting buy-in to the engagement process fits in with the firm’s business objectives.

NWEEG Ambassador Aly Fadil from Sofaworks will show you how to speak the language of engagement to successfully approach senior leaders and CEO's to make sure staff feedback is acted upon to create a new engaged culture that thrives. There will be sufficient time at the end of the event to ask questions and reflect on what you've learned.