ChamberLIVE: Moving it in Lancashire sponsored by Specialist Training & Consultancy

The return of East Lancashire’s logistics network Moving it in Lancashire sponsored by Specialist Training.

Fuel is probably one of your highest costs, but is its upkeep one of your lowest priorities? When things go wrong, they really go wrong so LCM Environmental (part of Craggs Environmental Ltd) have agreed to share with you the knowledge and tools you need to prevent this.

The haulage and transport sectors are amongst the largest fuel users in the country. The fuel itself has a high value but the associated husbandry to maintain the fuel and the infrastructure is often overlooked. Changes in the makeup of the fuel in recent years now promotes a rapidly increased rate of development of harmful ‘tank sludge’ which can cause blocked filters and vehicle failure.

In his talk, guest speaker Chris Bingham, CEO of LCM Environmental (part of Craggs Environmental Ltd) will explain to us why this happens, how to prevent it and how to cure this if it’s present in your tanks now – which it most likely will be. In addition he will touch on the importance of tank safety checks and the associated costs when these large (50,000 litre+) tanks fail and fuel is released into the environment – and again, the measures you can take to prevent this.

We will also hear from event sponsor Specialist Training & Consultancy’s Technical Director Mark Butterworth, who will be providing an overview of the latest government position on the key changes required for International Logistics following 01 January 2021, after the UK has left the EU. Now is the time to get prepared for these changes and implement the additional paperwork required by the Consignor and Driver!

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