5 Day Marketing Crash Course

Each session will be a 1 hour intensive class with 30 minutes of Q&A to follow (10-11.30am in total).

Key Points

  • All sessions will be recorded and copies provided to those you have paid for the training
  • All presentation materials provided to learners after each session as a reference

Summary of each lesson….

Day 1 – Writing a Marketing Strategy

This session will show you how to write your own marketing strategy (a template Word document will be provided to help you) and crucially, it will show you how to assess whether your efforts are going to be profitable. We do this by looking at how many customers you need to earn X amount, and what you would need to spend in order to achieve it and then consider whether its an effective strategy. We will show you how to analyse the profile of your customer and work out where they are hanging out, what times they are there, what kind of messages they respond best to. The purpose of this session is to send you off with a laser focus for your marketing and a written costed plan, rather than a scatter gun and reactive approach to marketing.

Day 2 – Understanding SEO

This session will cover the main principles of SEO when you are ‘doing it yourself’ – we will look at Domain Authority and what this means, how to improve it. We will be discussing and learning about your backlink profile – what it means and how you might achieve backlinks the correct way. However the most important part of this session is showing you how to understand your current serp position against your competitors, why they are ranking better, how to search keyword volumes, keyword trends, and strategically write your website content to rank for specific areas of authority. This session will also cover Meta Titles / Meta Descriptions / Image Alt Attributes etc.

Day 3 – Blogging

Most people are already writing blogs – but many don’t know whether their blogs are actually having any impact. When should you update blog articles, when should they be retired? (removed), what is the difference between evergreen content and trending content? Which should you use and when? How do you think of a blog topic that has the potential to get ranked? I will be showing you how to write your blog in terms of structure, internal/external linking, H1/H2/H3 titles (what they are and how to use them), keyword density and much more.

Day 4 – Getting more out of Linked In

This session will show you how to make subtle changes to your profile that will have a greater impact on your credibility in your industry, and show you how to write posts that get viewed, some strategic ways to build authority organically – there is no ‘cold spamming’ people’s inboxes in this session!

Day 5 – Using Facebook and Instagram when you don’t have a budget for ads

This session is specifically designed for people who have little or no money for paid ads – it will show you how to utilise groups, how to build a following, how to use Stories effectively, and some clever and strategic ways for Etsy/Ebay/Amazon sellers to get their customers to buy direct next time. This session will also show you how to run competitions effectively (Absolutely no ‘Share and tag a friend to win’) We will look at hashtags on Instagram, how to use them and also how to write your content and schedule it in advance to save time.

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