Free Digital Transformation Workshop

For a limited time, we are offering clients a FREE workshop with our Digital Transformation specialists. This 1-hour taster session will outline some of the key ways that digital technology can be used to grow and manage your business. You have the option to choose a Zoom/Teams or face-to-face workshop. 

As you can imagine, the opportunities to employ digital technology to transform how you manage, engage and acquire your customers are endless. If digital technology is not your area of specialism, you may be wondering where to start. Should you get a new website? Or invest in SEO? Would Customer Relationship Management software be the best place to start? If so, which package would most suit your needs? 

We can help you identify the areas where digital technology can bring the most gains to your business and what your priorities should be.

For more information or to arrange your workshop, contact Mark Thwaite at or give him a call on 07736 772515.