Branded corporate beer for Christmas?

Have you thought about a unique way of rewarding your staff and customers this Christmas?  Well we can create a fully branded beer for your business, whilst supporting local Lancashire businesses, and providing help and support to those that might need it.

This is your unique way to thank your customers and team at Christmas.

  • Your contribution will help people to enjoy Christmas and return refreshed and ready for action.
  • That’s a great pressie! Big Up YOUR Brand. Affinity and credibility with your brand and organisation.
  • Watch the Pennies. Added brand value vs traditional sprits or wine purchased from a wholesaler.
  • First Class FMCG, whilst supporting small business throughout the supply chain.
  • People will love this! That’s enhanced opportunity for repeat business. Accessible and relevant wellbeing resources, direct from your own product

From as little at £7.00+VAT for a 6 pack of beer, what's not to like?

Please get in touch for more details. 07713745072