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The Future Of Marketing Is Video – And Every SMB Business Needs Viddyoze

Though we seem to be turning the tide of the pandemic, the world will continue to be shaped and defined by Covid-19. Think social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizer stations and you get the picture.

And, even though society will open up, we will still be spending a lot of time at home – for work and leisure. Which means being online and consuming more video content than ever before.

You see, the digital revolution has been fast-forwarded – some of the best, more intuitive experiences are digital, from shopping and banking to chatting and creating. What does that mean? One, you need to be online. Two, if you already are, you need to be smashing it.

When we started out in 2015, we were just three budding entrepreneurs with nothing more than a laptop each – not even an office! So we know what it’s like to set up and launch a business – and how challenging that can be at the best of times let alone during a pandemic.

Which brings us onto you, Lancashire-based businesses new and established. Local companies like yours are not only vital to rebuilding and growing the northwest’s economy, but nationally, too. Businesses like yours play a significant role, which is why it’s important that you have the tools, the contacts and the support needed to navigate your way through the current crisis… and thrive beyond it.

We want to contribute to that. There are two key reasons for this. One, we’re proud of our northwest heritage and want our region to flourish. And two, we believe our platform can play an important role in helping your business prosper in an ever-changing world.