95% FUNDED - Business Improvement Programme

The RKMS Lean & Agile delivery team has unrivalled success in obtaining and managing the fund of up to £6,000.00 per employee enrolled, that will improve your business.

The practical and pragmatic approach has enabled us to deliver the UK’s longest running and most successful Lean/Agile academy programme. Working with over 650 business and 6,000 individuals whilst delivering over £65m in business improvements (£100,000 average per company). Our programmes are all assessed by delegates working on business improvement projects fully accredited to the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and/or the International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI) all of which will meet the specified BQF certifications.

Our programme is simple to follow and drives the best results.


  • Easier work life, less room for errors from all departments & better workflow
  • Higher quality offering
  • Fewer Process Breakdowns
  • Higher profits & Greater customer satisfaction
  • Upskilling and achieving qualifications that can be used in ANY sector
  • Eliminating bottlenecks within your processes
  • Potential for promotion/acknowledgement of commitment from employer
  • Higher efficiencies, more output per employee hour


  • Commitment and dedication to the programme
  • Open communication between apprentice and assessors(s)
  • Functional skills English & Maths (unless a proxy is held)
  • 20% off the job monthly record keeping & submission
  • Meeting deadlines and uploading evidence to e-portfolio
  • Attending sessions & certification exam.

How does it work?

  1. Choose which levels would best suit your employee(s).
  2. RKMS to obtain the 95% fund for your business.
  3. Complete the modules delivered by our in-house specialists. At your premises or ours.
  4. Your employee(s) will become certified in the level of there choosing plus 1 additional certificate either in H&S, Fire safety, Personal license, Etc.
  5. Use your newfound knowledge within your business and reap all the savings.

To find out more contact RKMS directly on 0844 815 7765