We've listened. We are joining forces. We now want you.

Yes it is official, two well-known and well respected business change experts are joining forces to deliver even more value for Lancashire’s ambitious SME’s who want to invest in themselves and their people.

Lesley Calland, with her 30 years experience of delivering transformational change in individuals and teams combined with Tracey Murphy’s 20 years of experience of delivering HR strategy and organisational change will give Lancashire’s business owners the opportunity to access development programs and communities of alumni.  The outcomes of which will drive cultural & strategic change, close the productivity gap and making Lancashire’s established SME’s amongst the best places to work in the UK.

Lesley and Tracey had been working separately as Consultants until many of their mutual clients suggested they combine their talents to deliver something really great for the Red Rose County.  So after months of planning, the pair are choosing today, International Womens’ Day to announce their collaboration.

Tracey says “I am thrilled that Lesley and I are collaborating, in my Corporate career, the HR Strategy Team and Learning & Development function were the closest of allies for good reason and we are here to replicate that for Lancashire’s SME’s. 

HR Leads in SMEs are often in small teams or work alone and they often struggle to bring the necessary influence to the decision-makers when considering business changes. 

Managers, whether aspiring or established, face constant challenges from the fast pace of change in their organisations and keeping themselves and their teams engaged and motivated is hard work.  To have access to a community of like-minded people to share ideas and gain inspiration from will be hugely powerful for them.

Finally, Business Leaders are often in the loneliest place of all, with no-one to bounce ideas off, vent their frustrations or learn from.  They are often socially isolated and work with high levels of uncertainty so it’s no wonder the rate of burn out for Owner Managers is around 30% according to Harvard Business Review.  

Tracey Murphy knows this situation all too well “it’s a horrible place to be, I burnt out quite spectacularly in early 2018, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.  Whilst the signs were there, I ignored them through sheer dogged determination and passion to achieve the business goals, but my body couldn’t take any more and it forced me to stop”.  If I can stop just one Business Leader from experiencing burnout from the work that Lesley and I do together, it will have been worthwhile.”

Lesley states “I am so grateful to our clients for recognising the synergy that Tracey and I have. We are here to deliver market-leading development programs and communities for three core groups of professionals; in-house HR Leads; Managers and Business Leaders.  Both Tracey and I have walked in the shoes of the people we want to support and develop, so I believe we have a lot of value to add.”

We have had many requests from existing clients to create bigger and better development programs with bold outcomes, and we are now ready to bring these to the market.  We are announcing a series of listening events where we will share our proposition and provide incentives for early adopters to register for our programs and community events.”

If you would like to know more, contact Lesley or Tracey to register your interest, or go to our website here and Get In Touch.