We’re rebranding – say hello to our new mark!

This year, Root Fifty-Two turns thirteen! Unlucky for some, but we’re celebrating, and the team has been working hard to develop a new look which will mark the occasion, realigning our brand with our values, our position in the market, and our company philosophy following years of gradual development. 

R52 began with me working from home, growing a client base and spending most of my time on design for print projects. In the thirteen years since I set up the company, it has continued to grow steadily, with three new members of staff welcomed into our midst in the last twelve months alone, bringing our total to eight. We’ve also expanded beyond design for print to offer web design and development services, and, most recently, we’ve brought on board a copywriter and a social media executive, so that every service we offer is now managed in-house by a member of our own team. 

Reflecting on these changes that have taken place internally over the last decade or so, I sat down with our design & marketing manager, Kayleigh, to have a chat about where we are now compared with where we started, and where we’d like to end up in the next few years. 

When looking to our plans for the future, it soon became clear to us that it would be beneficial to take a look at our current brand and make a few changes. R52 hasn’t just changed in terms of the number of staff – it’s also evolved in a broader sense, and there are marked differences now not only in the type of work we offer and produce, but also in the quantity and variety of clients now coming to us. Whereas in the earlier stages we worked alongside clients on more of an ad-hoc basis, producing brochures or leaflets, nowadays we’re more involved in providing a complete marketing strategy to retained clients, who tend to come to us for rebranding projects, print projects, new websites, copywriting services, PPC strategy, or social media management, which all feeds into their marketing plan as a whole.

“We love working on company rebrands – it’s something we’ve been doing more and more frequently over the last few years – so we were all really excited when the result of our internal meeting was to reassess our brand and start brainstorming ideas to bring it more up to date,” says R52 design & marketing manager, Kayleigh. “With the rebrand driven by the company’s growth, it’s really all about bringing in a fresh, new look which will realign our aesthetic with our values, goals, and approach, and really get the message of who we are out there. 

“We’re really proud to be a Burnley-based business. Burnley is an area that’s big on digital and packed with loads of talented creatives, and we’re lucky enough to have some of them on our team! R52 started out in the midst of a recession, and we’ve now seen a global pandemic and managed to come out of the other side. On top of all this, we’ve reached our 13th year of helping other small businesses in the area with their marketing, so it definitely feels like the right time to reassess our stance and update our mark, which is exactly what we’ve done.

“This project is something that a few members of our team – Michael, Lolli, Kimberley and myself – have dedicated a lot of time to over the last few months, and we’re all excited for the launch, the reaction it will bring from existing and potential clients, and where it will take us in the future. 

“In terms of the visual aspects, we’ve replaced the burgundy element of our brand with a bold navy, which will now feature as the dominant brand colour moving forward. We’ve also been experimenting with typography and fonts, and Michael has designed a new logo for us which is bold, modern, and makes a bit more of a statement. Our in-house copywriter, Lolli, has also taken a good look into the way we present ourselves with words, and she’s brought together a new tone and approach which I think marries up with our new look quite nicely! 

“In addition to our new logo, we’ve also been laying the foundations for a new website, which we’ll be developing over the next few months. It will focus more on showcasing the services we offer, as well as providing more of an insight into the R52 approach and the work we do, which will offer new clients a great platform for getting to know the team before they decide to come aboard.”

Are you looking to develop a new marketing strategy, working alongside a dedicated team of creatives with experience in designing and building websites, managing PPC and social accounts, and finding the right words for your brand? Get in touch today to find out more about R52 and what we do!