Moving on up for Kayleigh and Lindsay

The team at Root Fifty Two has grown quite a bit this year! Just before lockdown, R52 welcomed Harriet (Social Media Executive) and Michael (Graphic Designer) into the mix, bringing the relatively small team to a grand total of eight!

Amidst all the growing and development, with new clients also being welcomed aboard and the amount of retainer work increasing, Kimberley Thompson, Director of Root Fifty Two, decided it might be a good time to sort out who was to be her second-in-command. Spoiled for choice, she picked two!

Kimberley shared, "This year has been a difficult year for all of us, but when I look back it’s hard to believe how much Root Fifty Two has changed and developed. The company began as a one-woman agency and I ran everything myself.

It’s grown gradually over the years, but we’ve never known a period of such rapid expansion before. It was definitely the right time to start looking to the team for someone who could take on some additional responsibilities and potentially step up into a managerial role, and I believe Kayleigh and Lindsay are a perfect fit!"

From Graphic Designer to Design & Marketing Manager! 

“I’m really excited about my new role – it’s something I’ve been working towards for a long time, so it feels great to have that hard work recognised, and to be given the opportunity to take on more responsibility and have more creative control over our own brand.

“Whilst this new role takes me away from graphic design a little bit, as R52’s Marketing Manager, it’ll be my job to make sure our own brand is looked after, which I’m really looking forward to! I love coming up with creative ideas, generating strategies for new campaigns, and networking with prospective clients, and as the business has grown so rapidly, I think it’s important now to ensure there’s someone in the team who can dedicate more time to our own marketing and business development plans.

“On the Design Manager side of things, I’ll be getting involved with brainstorming and idea generation for the projects of our clients, along with the rest of the team, and I’ll be spending a bit more time considering brand consistency and direction, helping to plan further ahead for our clients’ marketing.

“Both myself and Lindsay have already been involved with leadership and management training, which has provided us both with some valuable insights into the responsibilities that come with these new roles, as well as giving us some great ideas to carry forward into this new age of Root Fifty Two. We’ve assigned a budget to some big R52 projects – including redecorating the office – and there are some exciting changes now on the horizon, so watch this space!”

From Graphic Designer to Designer & Studio Manager! 

“I’ve been a Designer at Root Fifty Two since May 2014. Over the years, I think my role has naturally developed to involve more responsibility, so it’s great that that development is now being officially recognised!

“In my role as Studio Manager, my day-to-day has changed slightly, as I now spend time every morning looking into and managing the weekly schedule for the team – I’ll take a look at the tasks that are outstanding, the deadlines that are approaching, and the jobs that have been completed, and adjust the team’s schedules accordingly.

“Moving forward, I’ll be taking on a management position for all client projects, whether they be large- or small-scale, overseeing all stages of each project from the moment we receive the enquiry, and invoicing for them and getting feedback from clients once they’re complete.

“In this new role, I’ll be here to make sure each member of the team can get the most out of their working days; to check everyone has the tools they need to be productive and can feel happy in their work, and to ensure all projects run as smoothly as possible.

“It’s been great to watch the company develop so much in the years that I’ve been here, seeing the team expand to offer a wider range of services, and our capacity grow to take on a larger number of projects and clients.

“I like to be on the ball and organised, so I think this new role suits me well, and it will also help to take some of the pressure off Kimberley, so that we can all share the load!”