UCLan SPARK: The apprenticeship marketplace (Engineering/Construction) employers

SPARK – The apprenticeship marketplace, is an exciting collaboration that enables talented future apprentices and Engineering/Construction industry employers to meet face to face and pitch for a Degree Apprenticeship (DA) job opportunity or DA work trial which may lead to a full time Degree Apprenticeship. We are seeking employers looking to take part in what will be a fantastic event.

This recruitment matching event showcases a spectrum of opportunities, which provides applicants the potential to network, learn about the Degree Apprenticeships on offer and the employers they are attached to. The day will also allow for the applicants to speed pitch themselves in a stress free environment, with a selection of employers and an opportunity to attend a Q&A session on the Engineering/Construction Industry.

The key benefits to employers:

  • Training and continuing professional development
  • Train up new staff as part of your workforce development strategy
  • Address knowledge, skills and behaviour gaps in your company
  • Bring in new methodologies and technologies: organisational change
  • Access new markets and new business
  • Reduce costs for staff recruitment
  • And have first choice of some of the best school/college leaving talent

The key outcomes for all prospective apprentices on the day will be either:

  • Secure a final interview with the employer for a Degree Apprenticeship
  • Gain a work placement leading to a potential Degree Apprenticeship
  • Be added to UCLan’s Apprenticeship Talent Bank for future Degree Apprenticeship Jobs

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