UCLan Centre for SME Development: Twilight Business Networking Event

Event Highlights:

Why every SME needs a Growth Plan

Growth is both a challenge and a priority for many businesses and how to approach growth is often the biggest challenge of all. In this session, Robert Sheffrin (Investment Director, UCLan) will draw on his 30 years advising and investing in SMEs to share a simple but planned approach to taking your company to the next level. Plans need to enable you to track growth, focus on value, achieve your goals and identify opportunities.

8 Business Hacks for SMEs

  1. Negotiation - Effective negotiation techniques teach how to get the best out of a negotiation by asking yourself just three simple questions.
  2. Procrastination - An introduction to the ‘Procrastination Monkey’ and discuss strategies to make sure you get the most out of your time.
  3. Presenting with Confidence – How to turn anticipatory anxiety into confidence. We look at techniques to help harness fears and discuss delivery styles for public speaking.
  4. Saying No – We can all be guilty of doing too much, here we explore techniques that can help manage time and expectations more effectively without feeling like we are rejecting others and ‘letting them down.’ 
  5. Comfort Zone - There is no such thing as a comfort zone. Techniques for harnessing your fears and turning them into dreams.
  6. Complaints are a Gift – We explore the value of complaints to a company and the cost of getting it wrong. 
  7. Self-Motivation - Tools and techniques to lift yourself up when you’re really not feeling it.
  8. Managing Management Time - How you deal with issues/actions that people bring to you to solve, avoiding the “monkey on your back” metaphor and differentiating the £10 tasks from the £1,000 tasks.

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