Propeller Networking event: Making money with 5 business drivers

Do you know how your business works? We would hope so, but we are all guilty of blagging it every now and again. Many entrepreneurs start by winging it – they have a product to sell or they have the contacts to use – but fully understanding the business is not a priority. Although, if you’re thinking about growing your business in the future, you’re going to have to get familiar sooner or later. We suggest sooner.

At this month’s networking event we are looking at how to focus on the right problems and find solutions that work long-term. Rather than patch-jobs that keep things ticking over, we are here – or rather, Matchbook Associates is here - to help you develop the understanding needed for a smooth operation.

This session is right for you if you are interested in the following:

  • Understand your business performance by using the right metrics
  • How to choose which employees to involve in financial operations
  • How the 5 key drivers of business work together to effect business performance
  • Improved understanding of cashflow, profit & loss, assets and balance sheets

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