Propeller Networking event: Being more persuasive and keeping your integrity

What does it take to be influential?

To be someone that people want to talk to? To be someone whose opinion matters?

If you struggle to express yourself, to pass on knowledge or to connect with others, then you may be lacking in persuasion. Why not learn how to apply psychology, linguistics and even a little hypnosis to be more persuasive? Even if you're not a regular talker or feel like you're lacking in charisma, there is something you can do. Come along to this session to find out how to direct the conversation and persuade your audience.

The line between persuasion and manipulation is fine, and the best decision makes sure everyone ‘wins’. If you want to be persuasive, rather than manipulative, it all depends on your intent.

By the end of the event you will be able to:

  • Explain the different components of a conversation
  • Use specific examples to change how you can create different effects
  • Create an action plan to develop persuasive conversation management

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