Leading Lancashire: Introduction to Project Management

Does your role require you to understand the basics of project management? Are you interested in starting a career in the project management profession or just generally want to learn more about what can increase project success? If so, this course will be ideal for you.

It covers 3 crucial areas:

1. Stakeholder Analysis: The first step in Stakeholder Management, this key process will help you gain support from others, ensuring your projects succeed.

2. Risk Management: The risk of unexpected, harmful events can come from various sources. Risk management helps you to prepare for the unexpected by understanding and minimising the risks before thy happen, enabling you to create a risk management plan to help your business/organisation become more resilient.

3. Negotiation Techniques: The key to successful negotiation is to find a conclusion that works for all parties. The materials provide practical hints and tips so that you can reach conclusions that are mutually beneficial, guiding you through some of the key factors.

How the programme will be delivered:

Each of the 3 topics comprises 2 elements:

  • A separate pre-recorded 1-hour video
  • Supported by follow-on material

There will also be an opportunity to attend an optional Project Management Q&A workshop on the 15th July, where you can pose questions relating to the 3 topics covered. This will be led by a qualified facilitator with experience in project management, leadership and change.

Viewing the pre-recorded sessions is self-directed and approximately 1 hour should be allowed to complete each video.

All 3 recordings and follow-on materials will be issued together.

Participants may choose to work through all 3 parts, or just one or several, but we would suggest working through them in the 1-3 order as listed above.

In early July we will contact participants to determine who would like to attend the Q&A session and a Zoom link will be issued to those wishing to participate. Attendance at the Q&A session is optional.

Book your free place through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/introduction-to-project-management-tickets-155592793233