Lancashire Forum Creative Think Tank: ‘’Me, My Brand and I’’

Your brand isn’t just a logo. It’s what people think about you, or your values. It is the convergence of everything in your organisation. Identity. People. Products. Processes. It is everything, and how everything fits together at the same time.

For our latest Think Tank, Lancashire Forum Creative present a brand diagnostic workshop designed to help you better understand your brand’s values, position and narrative.

We are delighted to welcome Tom Stables and Nathaniel Cassidy from 3manfactory, a brand-focused marketing agency. Established in 2011, it is a boutique sized agency with offices in Preston and London and clients across the UK. 3manfactory develop strategies, create web, print, digital and film, and deliver through-the-line marketing campaigns for SMEs, corporates, and public sector organisations.

Their approach is based on a belief that successful brands connect with people on an emotional level and appeal to the rational mind. Most organisations never achieve this. 3manfactory exists to correct this with a unique approach that balances logic and creativity with a strategic process that utilises both big, bold ideas and the collective impact of nudge psychology, seeing both the whole and the macro as required. They apply consumer psychology and cognitive bias theories to maximise the impact of their work.

This, they call Brand Engineering.

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