Lancashire Forum Creative: 2021 survival kit think tank 1 – the toolkit

This June, UCLan’s Lancashire Forum Creative in conjunction with Digital Lancashire, brings our creative and digital sector a trio of Think Tanks – all under the banner of ‘The 2021 Survival Kit’. The three sessions are designed to equip you with insights, tools and actions and to enable your business to tackle the fundamental changes that recent times have put upon us.

Think Tank 1 – The Toolkit

Lockdown and the pandemic accelerated the digital agenda for everyone, but are the tools you're using fit for right now or right for back then? With Teams and Zoom, we all tried to navigate our way through new ways of working, remote and blended. This online session will ask the question, are they still fit for purpose or are there better ways for your organisation to work? Furthermore, what are the impacts on our mental health in the digital world.

We’ll examine workflows, and how we audit our digital toolkit while showcasing ways in which businesses are using some of the tools mentioned to great effect, while looking at how to best support our teams’ wellbeing in the process.

Our speakers:

  • Jason Kingston from Cube Thinking
  • Lee Chambers from Essentialise
  • Hosted by Tom Stables from Digital Lancashire

Further events in this mini series

Think Tank 2 - Collaboration, Done Right – 15 June 2021:

We often want to collaborate but more often than not, are not sure where to start. This session will examine and unpick what it means to truly collaborate, from the starter conversations through to ways to ensure contribution is effective and fair. Bringing in organisations who have, and who continue to collaborate will help demonstrate this.

Think Tank 3 - Foolproof Futureproof – 29 June 2021:

Underpinned with a theme of resilience, this session will look at ways in which businesses can better manage the pace of change, as we saw a year ago. Whether this is in how teams plan for change, or learning from futurologists about what might be from the horizon, this session is intended to have participants feel they are better able to manage uncertain futures.